Tungsten vs Titanium Wedding Bands Guide

Tungsten vs Titanium Wedding Bands Guide

Out of all the contemporary metals used for Engagement and Wedding Bands today, the two most popular are Tungsten Carbide & Titanium. In the original pure form these metals are used in cutting edge fields like aerospace and medical tech. Titanium and tungsten alloys are found in more than just wedding rings. Ranking near the top of the mohs scale. Harder than titanium, tungsten carbide rings are quickly gaining in popularity for its scratch resistance and unique styles. Tungsten carbide will never bend out of shape. Titanium and tungsten rings are a great alternative to gold and platinum.  Both are an amazing choice you can't go wrong with. However, they are very different even though they look so similar. Like I said you can't go wrong with either but I'd love to help clarify the differences between both metals. We weigh the pros and cons of both metals. 


Both are competitively priced compared to more precious metals. A great option if you want the look without having to fork over the cash. Traditional wedding metals like gold and platinum rings are more costly to replace and repair. A platinum ring is also a softer metal that requires more upkeep. Also, tungsten and titanium wedding bands are easier and more affordable if you have to replace a lost or damaged wedding ring. Most reputable designers offer rings with a lifetime warranty. 

Winner: Tie


Both Tungsten Carbide and Titanium are two of the strongest metals available. They are much stronger than traditional Gold, Silver, and Platinum. Tungsten Carbide edges out Titanium in strength if you compare the two. On the Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness Tungsten Carbide rates a 9 as opposed to Titanium coming in at 6. Tungsten wedding options will never bend out of shape. The strength and durability of tungsten carbide are unmatched. Great for people with active jobs, and hobbies. The scratch resistance of tungsten carbide is also a main selling point. The only thing more hard than Tungsten Carbide is a diamond. 

Winner: Tungsten Carbide


Tungsten Carbide and Titanium both more scratch resistant than traditional metals. Great if you dont want to always take your ring off when working. In this category there really is no comparison. Tungsten Carbide is far more scratch-resistant than lighter weight Titanium. 

Winner: Tungsten Carbide


Both are extremely durable but the outcome is totally different when put under extreme pressure. Compared to titanium, tungsten carbide is more brittle than Titanium and will crack under high pressure. Titanium will bend but not break which might be better for extreme use or people that work with their hands.

Winner: Titanium


This honestly comes down to personal preference, I know some people that prefer the lightweight qualities of Titanium. However some people like the substance and heavy weight of Tungsten Carbide. Compared to titanium, tungsten carbide wins this one. For pure lightweight form go with a titanium wedding ring or engagement ring.

Winner: Tie(Lighter weight go for titanium, heavier weight go for tungsten)

Hypoallergenic Qualities

Both are totally hypoallergenic but I have heard cases of nickel, or cobalt filler which can cause allergic reactions in cheaper lower quality tungsten jewelry. Other nickel free metals are stainless steel, and higher quality golds above 18k. Please make sure to ask your jeweler about the content of your band to make sure it is hypoallergenic.

Winner: Tie


Due to it's hardness, Titanium and Tungsten Wedding Bands can NOT be resized like other metals. However, both metals are more affordable than precious metals so replacement is usually the best option. Tungsten and Titanium are very affordable when time comes around to replace.

Winner: Tie

Styles and Finshes

Tungsten Carbide and Titanium typically comes in all the standard finishes and styles that wedding ring shoppers are familiar with. We have a great selection of unique tungsten wedding bands. Pololished bands are as white as platinum. Tungsten is an extremely durable metal. These types of rings are scratch proof and durable, while being available in popular styles like white color and white gold. The original finish is a high polish that you might know from cobalt chrome bands. Most tungsten and tianium rings come in comfort fit like stainless steel bands. Finishes range from standard Gold to exotic Koa wood inlays. Our wood collection features different exotic Wood Tungsten Rings. We also feature modern manly finishes like gunmetal color and black tungsten rings.


Whether you decided on Tungsten or Titanium wedding band, we hope this article helps!


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